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We can re-key your house locks whether you want to make sure none of the old keys work, you’re having problems with your lock, or you just want all of your locks to work with one key.


Is your lock not working well? We can help.


Sandfly Locksmith has experienced technicians, and quality installation tools, that can have your locks installed correctly the first time.

Residential Security

What is the security of your possessions, and the safety of your family, worth? Most home owners will spend hundreds of dollars for a faucet for the kitchen or bath, or even a thousand or more for just one TV (not to mention the price of a complete sound system), but will spend much less than the equivalent of one months cable bill on a lock to protect their family and household.
Extreme measures can be taken to better ensure security of your property, but there is point where your home turns into a vault, or a fortress. Solid concrete walls, windows with steel bars, steel doors & frames, and commercial Grade 1 locks, with high security cylinders, can be a bit excessive depending on where you live, and your line of work. If you feel you need all of the aforementioned, I recommend a well armed 24 hour security team as well. However most homes would be fairly secure with:

  • Quality locks installed correctly (re-keyed when necessary)
  • Windows with locks, and break resistant glass
  • Security (alarm) system
  • Flood lights with motion sensors
  • Cameras